Our Team

We’re not just a group of super talented people with creativity oozing from our pores. We’re nice, compassionate, and like to have fun while creating some pretty amazing stuff.

Selfie with canine companion, Lola (rescued December 2006).

Selfie with canine companion, Lola (rescued December 2006).


Meet our Founder

Gayl Hyde

Gayl is an award-winning interdisciplinary designer with over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, graphic designer, art director, creative director and visionary. She is an animal lover and devout vegan focused on working with like-minded clients to promote sustainable and cruelty-free brands, products and services.


Our History

Studio Twenty 30 initially hit the scene in 1992 as Hyde Design. The small loft studio flourished and transitioned into Hip O Creative in 1995 with locations in mid-town Atlanta and NYC. Over the years, with more experience, knowledge and passion to make a world of difference, the studio evolved into what it is today—Studio Twenty 30—with Gayl Hyde at the helm throughout the entire journey.